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A lot of people put off going to the dentist until they have a problem. However, there are several benefits
Dr A. Sidelsky
For most people, visiting the dentist for a check-up or a treatment is something that they would rather put off.
Dr A. Sidelsky
We all know that choosing wisely when seeking out a Dentist can be very tricky. Dr Sidelsky follows the guidelines
Dental Care - Dr A. Sidelsky
What Can Dr Sidelsky Do for You? Dr Sidelsky, a professional dentist in Sandton, wants the best results possible for
Dr A. Sidelsky
Dental Surgery is becoming more and more common in South Africa. Everyone wants perfect teeth and a way of getting
Dental Health - Dr A. Sidelsky
Our teeth are our gems. They are a necessity to break down food, they give us confidence when we smile
Beating Bruxism
Having severe problems with your teeth can be an incredibly scary occurrence. After one too many pieces breaking off (yes,
I’m certain that nobody particularly enjoys the dentist, but If the sight of a dentist’s chair and dental equipment leaves
Stress of Dental Work
Have you ever met somebody who enjoys going to the dentist, who looks forward to sitting down in that reclining
Different Types of Smiles
It Turns out there’s a Mouthful of Different Types of Smiles; but Very Few of Them are Pleasant You may
Dr A Sidelsky