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Dentophobia and How to Overcome It

I’m certain that nobody particularly enjoys the dentist, but If the sight of a dentist’s chair and dental equipment leaves you immobilised with fear, you may be suffering from dentophobia. A fear of the dentist is not uncommon and rather than something to be ashamed of, it is something to work on.


A prior bad experience during or after dental treatment can make you reluctant to ever set foot in a dentist’s office ever again and many cases of dentophobia stem from childhood. Perhaps it’s the way the dental tools look, or worse still, the sound that they make as they’re being used. Other causes include the fear of needles.

Why Do I Need to Overcome My Fear?

Avoiding regular check-ups (which should be done every 6 months) is detrimental to the health of your teeth and gums. Cavities that are left untreated can lead to the formation of painful abscesses which can actually poison your whole body if not dealt with. Bad breath and unsightly teeth are another consequence of avoiding the dentist. 

So What Can I Do?

Finding a dentist or dental surgeon that you trust is critical. The right dentist will understand your fears and help you to overcome them through gentle dentistry and a thorough explanation of procedures and outcomes before and while they are working on your mouth. Meditation practices and psychology have proved beneficial for both dentophobia and the fear of needles. 

If the tools or the sounds they make bother you, take a set of earphones to your next appointment. 

Finding the Right Dentist

Do adequate research before choosing a dentist that might suit you. Ensure that your dentist is properly qualified for the task to put your mind at ease. Again, find a dentist who is understanding and willing to walk with you as you overcome your fears – patience and gentle dentistry can go a long way. For a reliable and gentle dentist in Sandton, speak to Dr. A. Sidelsky and team, or visit their website. 

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