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Digital Smile Design


Digital Smile Design is a revolutionary new approach to cosmetic dentistry that is changing smiles and lives.

The process begins with information collection including a cosmetic assessment of your current smile, digital photos, models and scans.

The information is uploaded to our dental laboratory where a specialized technician starts designing your smile based on your wishes and our recommendations

Digital Smile Design | Digital Photo Cosmetic Dentistry | Dr A. Sidelsky Now that we have a “mock-up” of the new smile, we can test it. Your dentist will use a temporary acrylic to “try” the proposed changes in your mouth. This is not Photoshop, you can see the real proposal in your mouth, test the bite and aesthetics. If there are changes to be made, we can simply make changes digitally to suit your needs. You can try before you buy!

Once the design is accepted, we can use the “mock-up” as a prep guide for your cosmetic work. This ensures that we remove as little tooth structure as possible to ensure longevity for your new smile

Dr A Sidelsky