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Dr Andrew Sidelsky’s personal Guidelines to a great Dental Visit

Dr A. Sidelsky

We all know that choosing wisely when seeking out a Dentist can be very tricky. Dr Sidelsky follows the guidelines of doing what’s best in the interest of the patient, being as conservative as possible where possible, using only materials backed by clinical research and all treatment must be based on modern techniques and trends and, of course, always treat patients like family. His thoughtful staff members are kind and caring with the opinion that dental visits should be viewed as pleasant and not with fear and dread.

We have Incredible Methods to improve your smile?

Digital Smile Design is an amazing new approach to cosmetic dentistry.  Firstly there is the cosmetic assessment of your existing smile, followed by digital photos, models and scans.  Your smile is redesigned to your liking and the dentist allows you to test the changes and the bite with temporary acrylics. Amazingly you are able to approve the proposal first avoiding any unpleasant surprises later. 

The painless Injection system is another wonderful device used to numb a single tooth on the lower jaw alleviating the “numb tongue and lips” experience.

The Cerec Porcelain Milling Machine is able to reconstruct life-like porcelains in one appointment.  It makes crowns, implant crowns, veneers and porcelain fillings.

For the absolute comfort of the patient, there is the Isolite mouthpiece which holds your mouth open and suctions water whilst the dentist is able to work quicker, neater and better.

The flash whitening system is available in-chair or for home kits. In one hour you can have beautiful white teeth.

No more fearful Dental Appointments

We trust Dr Sidelsky has given you the confidence to know that you are in good hands when visiting his dental practice. Every effort has been made to ensure you have a pleasant experience and excellent results.

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Dr A Sidelsky