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Endodontic Treatments


Damaged or Dead Nerve Tissue Removal

Damaged Or Dead Nerve Tissue Removal | Sterilization & Shaping Of Internal Structure | Dr. Sidelsky
  • Endodontic therapy is also referred to as root canal treatment.
  • It is commonly needed due to large holes in the teeth that have reached the internal nerves. Characteristic nerve symptoms include a spontaneous dull aching pain especially at night, tenderness on biting and lingering pain on exposure to a hot or cold stimulus.
  • Endodontic Therapy consists of several stages:
  1. The removal of damaged or dead nerve tissue from the inside of the tooth.
  2. The sterilization and shaping of the internal structure of the tooth.
  3. The permanent sealing of the now cleaned nerve canals.
  • With timely treatment, this procedure is pain-free and has long term results.
Dr A Sidelsky