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Our practice claims from certain medical aids directly on your behalf, BUT we also charge small Co-Payments. This is known as balanced billing.

The process works as follows:

  1. At the end of your appointment, we will claim what we can directly from your medical aid. We only claim from medical aids that give us a real-time response about the funds you have available.
  2. The Co-payment will be added to any outstanding amounts not paid by your medical aid and you will be asked to settle that amount immediately by card or cash.

Why do we charge Co-Payments?

As a state-of-the-art dental practice we want to use the best materials, technology and book longer appointments to give our clients the appropriate care.

Unfortunately, what medical aids pay for dental work is not enough to allow us to fulfill these goals.  

It would be much easier logistically to ask our clients to pay in full on their credit cards and claim back from their medical aids themselves. In the current economic climate, we understand that this can be difficult, so we make it easier by asking you to only pay the co-payment.

We accept the following medical aids only, all others are asked to pay in full and claim back from their medical aids.

  • Discovery Medical Aid – Not Keycare plans
  • Bankmed Medical Aid – Not Bankmed Basic
  • Medscheme – Includes Nedgroup, Sasol, SABC

We regret that we do not offer payment plans.

Dr A Sidelsky