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How Can Dr Sidelsky Help with Your Dentistry Needs?

Dental Care - Dr A. Sidelsky

What Can Dr Sidelsky Do for You?

Dr Sidelsky, a professional dentist in Sandton, wants the best results possible for all of his patients and is confident in his assertion that dentistry should be as affordable as possible for all. Having said this, Dr Sidelsky has implemented a multitude of schemes available at different prices which will take into account one’s present financial situation.

With his dental practice in Sandton, Dr Sidelsky knows that many, if not most people, make their main concern their career; moving their health to the side almost indefinitely. Dr Sidelsky wants people to take their health, more importantly, their oral health, to the top of the list alongside their career. With his practice being in Sandton CBD, a suitable spot for all those working in and around the area, you will be able to prioritise your oral health as well.

Dr Sidelsky provides full Mouth Scaling in Sandton, among a host of other treatments all geared towards providing you with the healthiest mouth possible.

The upside to this is that the health of your mouth goes hand in hand with the attractiveness of your mouth, which is an added bonus worth every penny.

Improving your smile will improve your confidence. Dr Sidelsky wants to see the best that you can be, and a bright smile can go a long way in allowing you to realise your full potential.

Being a dental surgeon, Dr Sidelsky wants to provide you not only with the best technology available, to help improve the state of your oral health, but also do it on a budget which you are comfortable with and allows you to regularly check up on your dental needs.

The goal in mind is to ensure that you are regularly checking up on the condition of your mouth, as oral health is just as important as physical and mental health.

What State of the Art Dental Technology is Used?

STA\Wand – Painless Injection System

If you’ve ever been to the dentist then you’ll know that if you need to have a tooth looked at or removed, then you’ll need to get an injection to numb that area. You’ll usually feel a numb spot in the area, and your tongue might even go numb too. Well, Dr Sidelsky utilises a new kind of technology called the STA/Wand. The dental surgeon in Sandton uses this item, providing patients with a painless injection, with no numbing of the tongue or lips, when working on any tooth on the bottom part of the jaw.

CEREC Porcelain Milling Machine

Ceramic reconstruction (CEREC) is a type of technology which develops and creates realistic porcelain mends of teeth, in only one appointment.

Dr Sidelsky’s technology is able to produce crowns, implant crowns, veneers and porcelain fillings, showing that full Mouth Scaling is not the only operation Dr Sidelsky, and his team can do.

Sirolase – Soft Tissue Laser

Alongside the need for ceramic reconstruction, there will be a need for the reduction and shaping of the soft tissue of the gum. A soft tissue laser will be utilised for this need and has been designed to create no blood and no pain. This, like CEREC, will all be done within one session.

Flash Whitening System

As a professional dentist, Dr Sidelsky knows that one of the major reasons people go to the dentist is to improve the whiteness of their teeth. White teeth are perceived as being more appealing and attractive and Dr Sidelsky has you covered.

Dr Sidelsky not only provides in-chair teeth whitening but also provides home kits which one can use to maintain their white teeth.


Sometimes being worked on by the dentist can come with a lot of poking and prodding all around your mouth.

This can create some uncomfortable feelings.

An Isolate, a mouthpiece device used to keep your mouth open and the saliva away is used to alleviate the uneasy feelings allowing you to relax. Dental Surgeon, Dr Sidelsky, makes use of this device in order to make the dental experience quick, easy and as comfortable as possible.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera provides patients with the opportunity to see exactly what is going on in their mouths. What this also allows a professional dentist to do, is the highlight to the patient exactly what work needs to be done, in order to improve the condition of their mouths, bettering their oral health and in turn improving the attractiveness of their mouth.

Sirona Intego Dental Suite

The Sirona Intego Dental Suite allows a dental practice to use a sleek, technologically modernised dental chair, to equip Dr Sidelsky with the most advanced features to improve the quality of the dentistry, as well as the overall experience of the individual, for every procedure.

Electric Dental Motors

Precision and comfort are very important to Dr Sidelsky, and by using a device such as the electric dental motor, which is not only the quietest dental motors compared to those of the past, are also more accurate. Dr Sidelsky hopes to not only give you the best quality service but have it be as pleasant as possible.

Digital X-Ray Sensors

Smile, with digital X-Ray sensors, instant imaging of your teeth allows for Dr Sidelsky to indicate to you the entire situation of your oral health and will be able to better asses what types of procedures would suit your needs.

The benefit of these digital X-Ray sensors is not only in the crystal clear imagery on the screen but more importantly that there is much less radiation coming from the device, which is an improvement from such sensors of the past.

What Treatments Does Dr Sidelsky Provide?

General Dentistry

A professional dentist in Sandton, Dr Sidelsky, provides general dentistry which is an overall check up on your oral health condition, with a simple meeting and cleaning of the month. X-rays are applied, and a personalised treatment scheme, aimed towards maximising your mouth’s potential, is also a part of the general dentistry.

Full Mouth Scaling is included in this treatment, with Dr Sidelsky also providing polishing, oral hygiene instruction and fluoride treatment to name a few.

General check-ups are advised to be done every six months, as this will decrease the risk of any future problems from occurring.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Sidelsky’s dental practice in Sandton does not see the need for fillings such as silver ones seen in mouths in the past. The reason for this is because there is technology available which is more than capable of creating and implementing porcelain repairs of teeth, which serves as a more elegant finish, maintaining an attractive mouth.

Not only is the choice to use this method better in terms of aesthetic, it is also beneficial in terms of the health aspect as silver fillings can create risk in health due to levels of mercury content within them.

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy, also known as Endodontic therapy, is a practice which allows for a professional dentist to treat holes in a person’s teeth which have found its way to the internal nerves of the mouth.

Dr Sidelsky will progress through a number of stages in order to ensure that the infected area of the mouth is properly cleaned and dealt with.

This will guarantee that the area will not becoming increasingly more infected, and will also make it certain that the paint will not spread.

Digital Smile Design

With state of the art technology in all sectors of life, the dentistry field is no acceptation and has spared no innovation in terms of developing more advanced and improved technology.

Dr Sidelsky is proud to use new and improved machines such as, Digital Smile Design, which has revolutionised the way in which dentists view and proceed in cosmetic work on the teeth.

As mentioned before, there is an entire analysis of patients teeth before the procedure has begun.

Collecting all of the relevant information about the condition of the mouth will put Dr Sidelsky in a position to design your smile based on knowledgeable and qualified details. Your smile, which you will be able to design alongside Dr Sidelsky, can go from zero to hero-based upon this new and continuously developing technology.

Dr Sidelsky will use another device to digitally compose what your mouth will look like.

On top of this, the device will also allow you to physically test out your new mouth movements and bite, and if you are not happy with how it feels, changes and adjustments can be made in order to give you the mouth of your dreams.

After everything has been approved, and the process of improving your teeth commences, tooth structure will be as minimal as possible, lengthening the lifespan of your new pearly whites.


As touched upon previously, fees are something that needs to be discussed in any sector, as service done requires compensation.

Dr Sidelsky however, understands that not everyone’s financial situation is the same and so allows for Co-Payments, which is a fixed price or cover charge paid before the service is completed. This Co-Payment will cover the amount not paid for by the medical aid, and you will then be asked to pay and outstanding amounts after this.

The reason why this is done is that although Dr Sidelsky wants to provide patients with the most up to date dental service possible, with the latest technological advancements, medical aid, unfortunately, does not cover the entire amount for such oral health procedures.

Why Choose Dr Sidelsky?

Dr Sidelsky is not only a professional dentist in Sandton, but he is also a dental surgeon who prioritises the specific individual needs of each patient.

From General Dentistry all the way to Digital Smile Design, the goal is to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Dr Sidelsky wants to maximise the potential of your mouth, helping to design and develop a long-lasting aesthetically pleasing smile for you.

The benefit of choosing Dr Sidelsky, dental practice Sandton, is that while he works on improving your oral health, using state of the art technology, he is simultaneously improving on the attractiveness of your mouth.

A big part of dental work is ensuring that a patient’s confidence in smiling is as high as possible. Dr Sidelsky wants you to have the belief in yourself to enjoy life and show off your pearly whites to the world.

As a dental surgeon, Dr Sidelsky provides you with the best dental technology available, lending a helping hand in improving your oral health, allowing you to feel comfortable in and out of the dental chair, assisting in planning a dental plan and budget, which you are comfortable with.

This plan will guarantee that you can visit the dentist on a regular basis, maintaining the best oral health possible.

The future of dentistry is here and now and Dr Sidelsky is more than happy to embrace the next step of dental innovation.

He understands that the old way of dental practice has brought us to this point, and at this point, he can not only guarantee comfortable procedures, and can concurrently guarantee a more accurate and reliable improvement to your oral health and aesthetic appeal.

Contact Dr Sidelsky for Details on your Dental Work Needs

To Dr Sidelsky, comfort and precision go hand in hand, and his professionalism shines through, just as much as your smile will in your next Instagram post.

Are you looking for reliable and effective dental work?

Why not contact Dr. Sidelsky today for further details on your dental work needs, and how you can improve your smile today.

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