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How Often Should You Opt for a Dental Check-up?

Dr A. Sidelsky

For most people, visiting the dentist for a check-up or a treatment is something that they would rather put off. Between a busy schedule, anxiety about going to the dentist and of course, the cost, we are all capable of coming up with plenty of reasons why we don’t want to do it just now.

However, when treatments are delayed (particularly if you have existing oral health issues) the more difficult it can be to treat them at a later stage; and so, delaying a trip to the dentist is never really a good idea.

So how often are you supposed to visit the dentist? The answer will depend on your own oral hygiene and health.

The Difference between Treatments & Check-Ups

The timescale for visiting the dentist for treatment, and visiting them for a check-up will differ because they happen for different reasons.

A treatment often represents a more urgent need to see a dentist, which means that they will be performed when they are needed to ease pain and discomfort and to avoid further complications.

A check-up, however, will be arranged according to a customised treatment plan and will take place anywhere between every 3 months and every 2 years, depending on your oral health.

With Excellent Oral Health

With excellent oral health, you can generally get away with taking a trip to the dentist once every 2 years.

Moderate Oral Health

With moderate oral health, patients should try to see a dentist at least annually, and in some cases, every 6 months.

Poor Oral Health

For those that battle with consistent oral health complications, it is advisable to see a dentist more regularly. Depending on your own situation, this could be every 3 months or every 6 months.

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