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The Be All and End all of Perfect Teeth

Dr A. Sidelsky

Dental Surgery is becoming more and more common in South Africa. Everyone wants perfect teeth and a way of getting these pearly whites is with teeth whitening.

What is dental surgery or dental adjustment?

This is also known as teeth whitening and it is a process when you change the extrinsic stains on your teeth by altering the basic colour of your teeth to become whiter.

Where can you get these dental procedures done?

This can be done at any of your known dentist specialists or dental surgeon.

While concentration of the bleaching composite and contact to foods and drinks over time can change the outcome, whitening still helps improve appearance, and therefore self-confidence.

What is the general cost?

Although teeth whitening costing depends on the contrast and effectiveness you would like your teeth, this can be done for just over R 3,000.00.

While home improvement kits are available to buy – the result is not as effective as if it were done at a professional dentist as they have a stronger bleaching compound and control the process under certain circumstances.

Is getting dental procedures dangerous?

Teeth whitening is not hazardous to your teeth but they rather become delicate as the pores to your teeth are opened for cleaning.

Dr. A. Sidelsky has a dental practice in Sandton to help achieve your perfect set of whites! Contact us today for details on our services, or visit our website for further information.

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